An Introduction

I’ve worked in the software technology industry for 10 years now. Recently, I felt a pull to finally write about and share what little I know about the industry itself, in particular the niche I’m in now: cyber security, big data, and the Hadoop stack. Writing things down helps me understand all of the interwoven complexity of all these systems. I’m excited to work in this space, but it is difficult to grasp many of the concepts involved. This is the place where I hope to deconstruct and demystify the complexity.

Whether it’s sharing some interesting news, sharing code snippets, or explaining how something works – to the best of my limited, feeble knowledge – I’ll post it here.

Whoever who has bothered to read this far may be wondering why the name “Techardo.” I’ll keep this part a mystery, but I know a select few will get the in-joke here.

I hope there will be a second post after this in the coming weeks!




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