Consumer Tech: Apple Airpods


I love audio. It’s just that buying higher-end audio equipment is incredibly expensive. I already have a video game and photography hobby, so spending too much on reproducing high-quality audio recordings is a no-go for me.

So nowadays I just focus on convenience rather than sheer quality when listening to music, talk radio, and podcasts. I especially like bluetooth wireless headphones. I’ve had a number of them through the years and my most recent pair before getting the Airpods is the Bose SoundLink II. I enjoyed them because they were comfortable, but they lacked bass response and overall volume. Not too mention, took up quite a bit of space in my bag since they’re traditional headphones.

Enter the Airpods. When Apple first announced them, I didn’t think much about them because they simply looked like cooler wireless versions of their wired earbuds. However, I began reading some rave reviews about them and wanted to get a pair. I knew supplies were strained, but I didn’t know the extent until I realized an order would take about six weeks to ship. To this day, you have to wait until sometime in April to get these since they’re all sold out. I managed to snag a pair from a shipment earlier this month. After trying these myself, I understand the demand for them.

To me, the Airpods are Apple’s coolest new product in recent memory, including the Apple Watch. What impressed me about these is the sound quality and the ease of use. The carrying case – I didn’t know this – acts as a portable battery for each individual Airpod. When you remove one Airpod, it’ll pause your audio automatically; put your Airpod back into your ear and the audio starts playing again. It sounds all gimmicky, but these features work and are very useful and practical. I’ve experienced some weird audio glitches here and there (as you would expect with a fully wireless product), but for the most part I’m amazed by how the audio is kept in sync, pumping out acceptable to great audio quality that rivals the wired earbuds – at least to me. No, they’re not as good as my 12-year-old Audio-Technica A900 ART headphones, but for being fully wireless, they’re second-to-none in its product category.

For those with iOS devices looking for a pair of reliable wireless earphones, this is a no-brainer. Just have to wait a bit for the next shipment, but it’ll be worth the wait.


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