Why Do Apps Need to Change Their UI Every Two Weeks? – A Brief Rant


I exaggerate that “every two weeks” part, but it seems that there is annoying tendency in mobile application development to constantly change the user interface and/or experience. Two primary examples for me are Skype and Pokemon GO for iOS.

Previous iOS skype:


New iOS Skype (with some card notifications that don’t make any sense):


Old Pokemon GO Gym UI:


New Pokemon GO Gym UI (which looks fancier, but so much crap going on you can’t make sense of it):


Maybe I’m getting old enough that major UI overhauls are incredibly disruptive and just plain annoying, especially if you have an older phone – and thus an older GPU – that can’t handle the fancier animations as smoothly as you’d like. Why does Skype need to emulate Instagram, which its new UI instantly – no pun intended – reminded me of? For P-GO, the new gym features themselves are nice, but the implementation is confusing at best as the new features are not straightforward to figure out. It seems like change for the sake of change without regard for veteran users of a platform.

That’s why – as a another prime example –  Windows 7 is still the perfect desktop OS. It just makes sense from a UX perspective and simply works.


// Totally my “Get off my lawn” tech moment.


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