Ok, I said I was going to talk about SSL in my next series of blog posts, but before I do that (starting next week), I wanted to briefly mention PlanetBravo. Tonight was “back-to-school” night for parents and my son’s kindergarten teacher (yes, school starts next week). Aside from talk about the usual curriculum – religion, reading, math, and a host of other topics – there was mention of a new technology-based program provided by an organization called PlanetBravo. It remains to be seen how effective their program will be as this is their first year at St. Margaret Mary, but they’ve been providing technology-based curriculum for K-8 grades in Los Angeles for close to 15 years. They will engage the kids into modern tech, including teaching them basic programming and coding for the higher grades. Seems very cool and hoping this gives the kids foundational knowledge which they’ll need far more 20+ years from now.

This should be exciting for the kids and hoping this is successful for the school this year and years to come. Getting young Catholics into technology early is what we need for the future, especially as the world becomes more embedded in a culture of tech and social media.



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